About us

We are a young growing company of the health care sector located in the center of Germany, the “Ruhrgebiet”. We are industrial partner as much as manufacturer, supplier and service provider with a customer base throughout Europe and selected oversea countries.
Since acquiring the medical products business of UCB Pharma GmbH in July 2014, AUROSAN has continued to develop and has grown into other business areas. Our product focus is on high-quality medical products for clinics, doctor’s offices and laboratories.

AUROSAN operates in three business areas:


  • Urology / Gynecology / Microbiology / Laboratory Equipment
  • DENTAL Implantology
  • Pediatrics


With our medical products we stand for a special assortment with certified quality at affordable prices. Our portfolio and the development of AUROSAN are constantly geared to our customers’ needs and suggestions.

Our range of consulting and training services is complementary to our products:

We see ourselves as a competence center and offer comprehensive trainings and classes relevant for the work in a medical laboratory; Quality management in the doctor’s office; medical device hygiene & microbiology.
With our “Praxischeck”, a full-day on-the-job analysis, we facilitate audit readiness, sensibilize for identified room for improvement, and provide strategic input. We perform QMS reviews and patient surveys, analyze your marketing efforts, review processes and resources, advice on digitalization, and identify way to accelerate team development.
The AUROSAN Academy certificate for all participating teams (trainings, classes, Praxischeck) is by now relevant for over 100 medical service team in Germany.

We also have a sound experience in the evaluation, negotiation and implementation of corporate transactions - from companies of various sizes, from small private practices to hospitals or medium-sized companies. We help to set up change processes from planning to implementation & integration. We support managers and teams through coaching, training and mediation.

In short, we offer exactly the range of services that ensure efficient co-operation for excellent patient care.

We are certified according to ISO 13485:2012.

Our expertise and our offer for you is based on 3 pillars:

  • A separate business with medical devices for diagnostics and therapy in the areas of urology, gynecology, microbiology and dental implantology.
  • Participation in other companies such as Rösch Medizintechnik, based in Berlin, and a market-leader in the medical device space for the pediatrian’s offices.
  • Our own educational program with trainings, classes as well as various consulting services for the private and public sector:
    • We provide knowledge about quality management, the guidelines of the German national board of medical doctors (RiliBÄK), medical device hygiene, general management of teams such as doctor’s offices, and around reimbursement.
    • We provide trainings for the standard methods in microbiology.
    • We assist with purchases and sales of companies of various sizes, from small offices to hospitals and medium-sized businesses. If necessary, we also take on interim-management and support the recruitment of successors.
    • We help to set up change processes from planning to implementation & integration.
    • We support individuals and teams through coaching, training or mediation.

Our development to date

pfeil entwicklung




May 2019

Sales of the MICRONAUT system for microbiology





June 2018

Launch of OptiLube™ and Ugo™


July 2017

Opening of the own QM and Mibio training laboratory


March 2017

Start OTC Business - exclusive distribution of Replens™ and Rephresh™




September 2016

CE certification for catheters





November 2015

ISO13485 First certification incl. CMDCAS and TCP



February 2015

Succession for Diagnostica Stuttgart GmbH




July 2014

Start of operations:
management buy-out of the medical products division of UCB Pharma. 25+ years of customer relations

Februar 2020

Launch of HERRENCREME and DAMENCREME intimate care products

March 2019

Launch of the KariesScreen test

Dezember 2018

Internationalization: 4 markets
Digitization: enabling CEREC workflow







March 2017

ICOI-Europe Gold Sponsor (2017-2019)


January 2017

Distributionsrechte für das Portfolio von alphaLabs für Deutschland


August 2016

CE certification and multi-channel launch of the new REVOIS® Dental Implant System with 3 product variants


September 2015

Acquisition of the small implant series one.piece from bpi systems



December 2014

Acquisition of Rösch Medizintechnik GmbH and the dental assets of Riemser Pharma

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