AUROSAN involved

We take our social responsibility seriously. When selecting our products and service providers, we pay attention to sustainability and climate protection. In addition to the distribution of our products and services, we support selected projects from various areas through donations or volunteer work by our employees. We would be happy to provide you with further information on our activities.

Wuenschewagen des ASB Berlin Engagiertes Medizinprodukte Unternehmen AUROSAN

The „Wünschewagen“ of ASB Berlin

We support the „Wünschewagen“ project in Berlin, that helps fullfill wishes of patients in their last phase of life.

Ärzte für Afrika Engagiertes Medizinprodukte Unternehmen AUROSAN

The Doctors for Africa e.V. - Urologists on site

Donations of laboratory diagnostics and urine drainage systems supplying selected in Africa

Johanniter Engagiertes Medizinprodukte Unternehmen AUROSAN

St. John Ambulance Brigades

Social projects for the elderly in need

Ärzte für Afrika Engagiertes Medizinprodukte Unternehmen AUROSAN

Climate-neutral shipping with DHL - GOGREEN products

By shipping our products with DHL, we support climate-neutral GOGREEN products and services. The greenhouse gas emissions caused by transport and logistics are offset -as possible- by various climate protection projects - AUROSAN GmbH was able to offset a total of 482.90 kg CO2e in 2019 (certificate).