AUROSAN Medizinprodukte Urologie Gynaekologie Urology / Gynaecology

Our range includes a large selection of urological and gynecological products with certified quality and at fair prices. The portfolio, which has been tried and tested for more than 25 years and goes back to the urology and gynecology business of Hoyer Madaus, Schwarz and UCB Pharma, is constantly being further developed by AUROSAN. In doing so, we focus primarily on your needs - this is ensured by our highly qualified and experienced internal and external sales force, our regular customer surveys and, of course, personal discussions with you.

Our extensive product range includes items for incontinence care, the urological and gynecological laboratory, consumables, practice supplies, devices for diagnostics and much more. Explore our portfolio in our AUROSAN web shop or contact us directly.


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In addition, we offer a wide range of further training courses on various topics (e.g. laboratory, microbiology, RiliBÄK, quality management, MPG audit preparation, etc.) - directly at your doctor’s office or laboratory, as an online event or in our training rooms.

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