Urology / Gynecology / Microbiology / Laboratory Equipment

More than 25 years’ experience with urological / gynecological medical devices make our portfolio attractive to many.

With the transfer of its assortment of rapid and special bacterial and fungal cultural systems in February 2015, Diagnostica Stuttgart GmbH has sustainably supplemented our urological and gynecological product spectrum.

Since January 2017, we represent Alpha Laboratories’ product range, UK, enabling us to offer one of the largest portfolios of laboratory specialty products at a favorable price.

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In January 2015, we laid the foundation stone for our dental division with the proven REVOIS® Classic Dental Implant System, originally developed by Curasan. Today there are three product variants: REVOIS® Classic, REVOIS® PRO and REVOIS® compact. Since August 2016, AUROSAN DENTAL has also been selling multiple compatible prosthetics. Our comprehensive, multilingual product documentation is available at www.revois-dental.com.

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Products for private individuals and patients

In 2017, we have expanded our product range to OTC products for patients suffering from urological or gynecological diseases.Our first products are Replens and RepHresh, vaginal gels for the treatment of vaginal dryness and for the prevention and supportive treatment of vaginal infections, respectively. In addition to extensive information material for doctors, nurses and pharmacies, we have created an informative internet platform for patients, where you can find further details:


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Products for the Pediatrician.

Established in 1990, RÖSCH Medizintechnik (R-MT), an headquartered in Berlin, specializes in the planning, equipment, service and repair of medical devices for the pediatrician’s and ENT’s offices. Known e.g. through the introduction of the „pilot listening test“, R-MT distributes and services all kind of medical devices such as hearing and vision test systems. R-MT is part of the certified AUROSAN group quality management.

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