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Medical devices and medical equipment for use in the Pediatrician’s Office

Paediatrie Medizingeraete ROESCH Medizintechnik
RÖSCH Medizintechnik became part of the AUROSAN Group in January 2015.

For more than 25 years, the competent team of RÖSCH Medizintechnik is recognized for its comprehensive, high-quality portfolio of medical devices and medical equipment for use in pediatrics, ophthalmology and ENT medicine.
One focus is (pediatric) audiology. In addition, there are numerous other products (for example, tympanometers, vision test equipment, spirometers, etc.), which Rösch has selected over the years from several product developments and has introduced in Germany.

RÖSCH Medizintechnik, part of the AUROSAN Group, maintains a certified quality management system according to ISO13485 and carries out maintenance and MTK's according to the German medical device operators’ regulation as well as safety-related controls according to DGUV V3. Training courses and practical instructions for the complete practice team round off the services offered by RÖSCH Medizintechnik.


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