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We focus on products for gynecological and urological indication.

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Replens™ is a moisturizing vaginal gel that stabilizes the moisture balance in conditions associated with vaginal dryness.



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RepHresh™ normalizes the pH value in the case of pH-dependent vaginal dyscomfort and support treatment of / prevents recurrent infections.



Instructions for use

Replens™ should be used every 3 days, preferably in the morning. If necessary, you can run the application less frequently or more frequently, up to once a day.

Replens™ is introduced into the vagina with a hygienic disposable applicator. The applicator allows you to bring the intended quantity exactly where it is needed.

A detailed application and the full instructions for use can be found in the download area.

This also applies to the RepHresh™ applicator

Download area

On the topics of vaginal dryness, prevention and supportive treatment of vaginal infections (bacterial or fungal) we offer you on page 2 different information brochures for patients.
Please refer to the download area of the page to view as eFlyer or to print out ...

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... or ask your gynecologist or pharmacist for the Replens™ and / or RepHresh™ information brochures



Furthermore, you will find many useful service articles, such as a health calendar and tips and hints for vaginal health, as well as the instructions for use for Replens™ and RepHresh™, which can also be downloaded there.

For more and more detailed information please visit our health portal:

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