Self-study library

Here you will find user videos that represent essential microbiological techniques relevant to the identification of bacteria and sensitivity testing in the doctor‘s laboratory. The videos were produced by Aurosan in collaboration with Dr. Ivo Beyaert (DIAG WISS) and are available here as free-of charge instructional videos.
The products used in here are the most common in daily routine and can also be purchased through AUROSAN.

MICRONAUT Inokulation AUROSAN Medizinprodukte neu

MICRONAUT reading AUROSAN Medizinprodukte neu

Calibration of densitometer AUROSAN Medizinprodukte neu

Screening for beta lactam resistance - ESBL

Screening for carbapenem resistance – Resist-4

Screening for polymyxin (colistin) resistance – Rapid Polymyxin

Screening for vancomycin resistance – strip evaluator

Generate a seed stock from a lyophilsate

Generate a cryoculture from reference bacteria

Antibiotic testrings

Der Oxidase-Test

Catalase activity test


Disc diffusion test

Der 6-Fach-Dispenser


Die Enterokokken-Platte / Der CAMP-Test

Der Entero Pluri Test

Lactose positive and negative bakteria


RapID™ SS/u

Reference cultures - Part 1

Reference cultures - Part 2

Microbact A

Indole reaction