Quality management in practice according to SGB V and RiliBÄK, and the knowledge of theory and practice in the performance of diagnostic tests are essential for good outpatient and inpatient management.
Since we ourselves are a team of physicians and biologists with different backgrounds and experiences, we know exactly what we are talking about when we give tips in the context of an office visit, teach methods for an optimized test execution, or point out onto necessary upgrades of the quality management system.
Almost all our products have been tested and used by ourselves. Based on this experience, we have developed a training program that enables us to differentiate ourselves from other providers who need to buy such expertise. We recognize and are recognized by our clients as partners.

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We offer the following trainings:

Regional trainings

We regularly apply for CME points for these regional, theory-intensive, usually 4-hour training courses for doctors and practice staff. The topics come from customer input and address important trends.     To register please click here.

On-site training - in your office and laboratory

According to your individual needs, we create a training plan with you and implement it in your office. Examples are simulations of practice audits ("inspections"), updates on equipment hygiene, the introduction of internal quality controls including the installation of reference strains, or the training of the complete microbiological work processes. Accordingly, the time required varies from 3 to 12 hours. If you want, you are welcome to invite a neighboring practice team to join the training.  Request here

Schulung in unserem Kurslabor in Essen

It is often an advantage to break out of everyday life for a training. Therefore, we have set up a course lab, in which we have recreated the typical doctor’s laboratory. We offer standardized classes as well as individual method trainings. We can assist your with the accommodation and organize a framework that makes the trip to Essen an unforgettable team event. Registration to laboratory workshop. For Dates and topics please click here     Registration to laboratory workshop


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Information about mediation:

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