Complementing our product portfolio, the AUROSAN team has several managers with many years of intercultural leadership experience in healthcare companies, asset management and consulting. From this mix of competences and the input from numerous discussions with customers, we have developed certain consulting services for you:

Practice Analysis („PraxisCheck“)

After a preliminary discussion, in which we define the task and priorities together, we accompany you and your team for a whole day in your offices. We assess your QM system in theory and practice, your processes and IT infrastructure, the implementation of standard operation procedures, new testing methods, compliance with RiliBÄK and hygiene equipment regulations; We look at your office marketing and interview your patients. Discreetly, we discuss with you the results of our analysis in the context of your goals and the strategic options derived from them. Finally, you will receive a comprehensive analysis report from us, along with a certificate from AUROSAN-ACADEMY.
If you are interested, we will gladly make you a discrete offer. Please contact our Managing Director Dr. med. Michael Delfs, MBA, CfM (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Build, upgrade and/or training of your quality management system

Whether through adjustments to QM policies or RiliBÄK, changes in patient care, processes such as digitalisation, or team shifts - there are many reasons why a quality management system needs to be revised on a regular basis. Often there is a lack of time and qm-opportunity in daily work, and training is usually one of the short-comings. We gladly take over these tasks for you, whether as a one-time project or as an regular service. If you are interested, please contact our Head of Marketing & Sales, Dr. Kerstin Thönes (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Mediation - conflict resolution and coaching; Corporate development and succession

Mediation is a process for the constructive handling of conflicts. The mediation process takes place confidentially, structured, voluntarily and with an open outcome, creates a clear future and is therefore suitable for most conceivable conflict situations (search for a balance of interests) - from problems in the team, disagreements between business partners, difficult situations between employer and employee, family quarrel or similar.

Mediation is increasingly used preventively in combination with coaching.
Juana Soler and Dr. Michael Delfs are trained business mediators and members of the regional group Rhine-Ruhr of the Federal Association Mediation e.V. Both have successfully accompanied several companies and entrepreneurial families through difficult phases. Juana Soler also teaches communication, teamwork and leadership skills at the EMBA in Düsseldorf.
Whether mediation would be suitable for you is best explored in a confidential telephone conversation with our Head of Finance and Investments, Juana Soler (Tel. +49 201 21961-710). General information about mediation can be found e.g. in the following short film of the BM eV (German only)