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Continuous training of medical staff is not only required by law but is essential in order to fulfil the high expectations of your patients for an optimal care – from diagnosis to treatment and beyond. Thus, practice teams are facing great challenges. Medical centers offering laboratory / diagnostic services must regularly run internal and external quality controls in compliance with their guidelines. Following all regulations is quite demanding and resource-intensive. Applying QM-conditions, how can one still work economically?

Our team of physicians and biologists has made it to its task to guide and accompany you through these challenges, by offering trainings in different formats and with a high degree of individualization.

We at AUROSAN can offer you…

  • Mixed courses (theoretical and practical microbiology) in our training center in Essen
  • Practical lab & QM trainings in your own premises, usually combined with an audit simulation, review of your QM set up, work processes and their efficiency
  • Webinars each time we come across new content of relevance in the TA´s urology or gynecology
  • Individual trainings, e.g. if you want to establish a new methodology, or to improve quality shortcomings for unknown reason


Due to our various professional backgrounds and experiences we know exactly what we are talking about when we give tips while visiting your practice, lead you to an optimized test execution or point out necessary upgrades in your quality management system (QMS).

Almost all our products have been tested and used by us. Based on our experiences we developed our training program with the aim of working as a partner with our clients from practice, clinic and laboratory. Furthermore, this expertise qualifies us as a competent contact and sets us apart from other providers who need to forward your request to an external provider for such expertise. We look forward to your participation in our training programs!

We also offer individual practice analyzes, a QM system consulting service and mediation. For more information, see Consulting


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Mixed Course

Microbiology from A to Z in theory and practice
Background: Quality management (QM) and the knowledge of theory and practice in the performance of diagnostic tests in the doctor`s office are equally essential for a good outpatient and inpatient care. Participation in round robin tests (external quality controls) as well as the regular performance of internal quality controls in compliance with applicable standards such as EUCAST or CLSI must be ensured – quite a challenge for the daily practice. Various authorities audit for compliance with the various policies and requirements. This course will provide insights into good laboratory practice and answer your questions around local quality assurance.

Participants: suitable for practice teams / laboratory staff. Recommended as refreshers also for doctors; group size limited to 8 people.

Content: 10-hour course (two days Sa / Sun) or 12-hour course (Fri / Sat / Sun) with a mix of theory and practice. Bacteria and yeast culture, identification, susceptibility testing; cryobanking; external and internal quality controls; principles of QM and microbiology.

Fee: 360 € (10-hours course) or 432 € (12-hours course) – please inquire our special offers and individual programs for practice teams.

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Participants: suitable for physicians and medical professionals already using the MICRONAUT for their microbiological (urological or gynecological) lab; up to 16 people (course in Essen) or 30 people (course in Berlin).

Content: 10-hour course with a mix of theory and practice. Working according to EUCAST with the MICRONAUT; optimized bacterial culture and inocculation; tips and tricks for ID and AST; internal quality assurcanse; statistics; Extra bonus: audit preparation course for the implementation of the Medical Devices Law in the doctor`s office.

Fee: 200 € per practice (up to 2 persons)

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Modern incontinence care: catheterization, innovative accessories for immobile and mobile patients
Participants: suitable for medical & nursing staff, pharmacy employees; up to 10 participants.

Content: 4-hour-long course; basic anatomy, Medical Device regulations (MDR), sanitary regulations according to German Robert-Koch-Institut; overview of products and services across different manufacturers; practical catheterization training; patient case studies and care options.

Participation fee: 100 € p.p.

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Characterisation of resistance mechanisms
Background: In addition to the standard antibiogram, in which the testing of respresentative antibiotics takes place, the characterization of resistance mechanisms has become more and more important to make best use of available antibiotics. In this webinar, we will present to you selected test systems (manual and automated) for the confirmation and characterisation of carbapenemases, cephalosporinases, oxa-23, ESBL, polymyxin-B; vancomycin, and methicillin resistance

Content: One-hour webinar (short presentation with FAQ interaction); basic and extended susceptibility testing; selected manual and automated test systems suited for use in the urological or gynecological laboratory.

Fee: 25 €

Dates and registration
Identification (ID) & resistance testing (AST) with the MICRONAUT test system
One-hour webinar (short presentation and FAQ interaction).

Fee: Free of charge

Dates and registration
Advanced lecture: Characterization of resistance mechanisms in the doctor’s practice laboratory
Background: Molecular biology offers more and more useful insights beyond antibiotic resistances frequently found in patients with recurrent urinary tract infections. These insights translate back into the laboratory where -applying easy standard methods such as agar dilution or agar diffusion- resistance mechanisms can be reliably characterized without the help of central large laboratories. In effect the existing pool of antibiotics can be better and more effectively used, again.

Content: In this webinar, we first give you a brief overview of the standard resistogram and then focus on test systems available for characterization of resistance mechanisms, always following EUCAST:

Gram-negative bacteria: carbapenemases, cephalosporinases, OXA-23, ESBL, Polymyxin-B

Gram positive: Vancomycin- / Teicoplanin-resistance; Methicillin resistance; Oxacillin-resistance

Duration: 60 min. (lecture and Q&A)

Participation fee: 30 € (brutto)

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Mycoplasma diagnostics in the urological practice
Background: It is still a challenge to diagnose mycoplasma infections in the practice laboratory, as mycoplasma hominis and ureaplasma urealyticum / parvum need “intensive care” culture conditions. However, due to their pathogen potential which can even cause infertility, diagnosis and treatment are crucial.

Content: In this webinar we will present you two different reliable and easy test systems optimized for diagnosis (culture, identification and resistogram) and treatment control (serum antibody level development). These test systems (Mycoview® and Serology®) are well-established in many laboratories in Germany.

Duration: 60 min. (lecture and Q&A)

Participation fee: free of charge

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Office visits / consultation

Preparation for the compliance audit for the implementation of the Medical Devices Law.
3-hour practice course on-site in your practice

Content: Audit simulation; QMS check; Medical device manual check; KRINKO 2012 (preparation) -Check; How to establish the to-do list for the audit preparation

Fee: 400 €; excl. travel fee

Please use our contact form for an individual appointment request or send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Practice Analysis („PraxisCheck“)
After a preliminary discussion, in which we define the task and priorities together, we accompany you and your team for a whole day in your offices.
For more information, see consultation
Build, upgrade and/or training of your quality management system
Whether through adjustments to QM policies or RiliBÄK, changes in patient care, processes such as digitalisation, or team shifts - there are many reasons why a quality management system needs to be revised on a regular basis.
For more information, see consultation
Mediation - conflict resolution and coaching; Corporate development and succession
Mediation is a process for the constructive handling of conflicts. The mediation process takes place confidentially, structured, voluntarily and with an open outcome, creates a clear future and is therefore suitable for most conceivable conflict situations (search for a balance of interests) - from problems in the team, disagreements between business partners, difficult situations between employer and employee, family quarrel or similar.
For more information, see consultation

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